OnlyWhales: An Exclusive Community for the Global Elite

Satoshi Whalemoto

Abstract.  A purely peer-to-peer exclusive community of verified members that own lucrative digital assets. Every member connects their crypto wallet to verify they own Bitcoin or Ethereum. This requirement fosters a community where all members are aligned in common beliefs and worldview. No trolls, no pointless arguments, no plebs. Everyone has skin in the game.

1.    Introduction

Discussions on the Internet revolving around Bitcoin and Ethereum inevitably devolve into troll wars and useless arguments. Time wasted debating the fundamental value proposition of crypto (with no-coiners) is time better spent elsewhere. Elsewhere defined as a space rich with optimism, unmarred by traditional institutions. Join our community of visionaries and never talk to a (pleb) no-coiner again.

All members have at least 1 BTC or 30 ETH. Every member is anonymous, and has the option to share their current balance to show how big of a whale they truly are. To verify account balances, we offer users the option of (1) signing transactions to prove ownership of a wallet, (2) signing in with Metamask, or (3) using traditional exchange API's. We never take ownership of your keys or request permissions that may be considered harmful.

Now, let's create future of the digital economy together.

“Live and act within the limit of your knowledge and keep expanding it to the limit of your life.”


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† The copy we use is for comedic purposes and not meant to offend or invoke toxicity. We are creating a high-signal, low noise community for crypto enthusiasts.